UNCX Network Introduces UniSwap v3 Liquidity Locking Support

Tallinn, Estonia, 28th June 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, UNCX Network, the leading provider of liquidity lockers, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest update, which brings a sleek new user interface (UI) dedicated exclusively to their locker service. The update also includes support for liquidity locking on UniSwap v3 and PancakeSwap v3, along with a range of flexible and exciting new features.

The separation of the locker service onto its own UI is a strategic move aimed at enhancing the user experience for those seeking liquidity locker data. This update also aligns with the remarkable growth of UNCX Network’s locking service offering.

To explore the enhanced features and experience the revamped UI, visit: https://univ3.uncx.network/lock/univ3/explore

The new features introduced in this update are as follows:

  1. Locking: This feature enables token developers and liquidity providers to lock their UniSwap V3 NFT position for a predetermined and immutable period of time.
  2. Withdraw: Token developers and liquidity providers can now conveniently withdraw their locked liquidity position, represented by an NFT, from UniSwap V3.
  3. Migrate: UNCX Network recognizes the evolving market demands and potential protocol changes, such as the anticipated migration of UniSwap V3 to V4. In response, the platform has incorporated migration functions that allow liquidity locking users to seamlessly transition to the latest available protocols. It is important to note that migrations are subject to comprehensive security assessments, or “audits,” and can only be activated by lock owners based on their specific needs. The lock parameters remain unchanged and immutable throughout the migration process.
  4. Relock: Token developers and liquidity providers now have the ability to extend the duration of their initial liquidity lock by utilizing the relock feature.
  5. Transfer of Ownership: This feature empowers token developers and liquidity providers to transfer the ownership of their liquidity lock. The new owner can then interact with the functions associated with the lock.
  6. Accept Ownership: In the event of a lock ownership transfer, the new owner must accept the request for the lock to be transferred. This additional step mitigates the risk of inadvertently transferring ownership to incorrect addresses, such as burn addresses.
  7. Decrease Liquidity: Once the liquidity lock has expired, owners can decrease the liquidity by making a partial withdrawal. This functionality proves valuable when users intend to relock the remaining portion of the expiring lock. Moreover, this feature helps users save on gas fees since withdrawing, removing, and creating a new lock is more gas-intensive compared to simply decreasing liquidity and relocking.
  8. Increase Liquidity: Liquidity lock users can now add liquidity to an existing lock, thereby expanding their position while maintaining the same locking parameters.

The following exceptional features significantly differentiate UNCX Network’s locker service from what is currently available in the market:

  1. Collect: UNCX liquidity lock owners now have the ability to collect trading fees generated from transactions occurring in the liquidity pool, while the initial liquidity remains locked. This feature adheres to UniSwap V3 standards regarding the collection of trading fees.
  2. Additional Collector: Liquidity locking users can delegate the collection of trading fees to another address of their choice, allowing for the automation of fee collection through the use of smart contracts or bots. UNCX Network recommends exploring automation options using Gelato Network.
  3. Full Range Liquidity Protection: When locking with UNCX Network, full range liquidity protection is enforced, in accordance with the guidelines provided in the UniSwap V3 official documentation. In essence, this feature safeguards pool traders from engaging in transactions involving an asset within a pre-defined range that may lead to the occurrence of stuck tokens after an investor.

UNCX Network’s latest update marks a significant milestone in the world of liquidity lockers. With the introduction of a dedicated UI for lockers, support for UniSwap v3 and PancakeSwap v3 liquidity locking, and a host of innovative features, UNCX Network continues to be a frontrunner in the market.

The new features offered by UNCX Network cater to the diverse needs of token developers and liquidity providers. From locking and withdrawing liquidity positions to migrating between protocols and extending lock durations, these features empower users with greater flexibility and control over their locked assets.

Moreover, the ability to transfer lock ownership, accept ownership requests, decrease or increase liquidity, and even collect trading fees sets UNCX Network apart from its competitors. These unique features not only enhance the user experience but also provide valuable opportunities for automated fee collection and comprehensive liquidity protection.

With its commitment to ongoing improvements, including forthcoming functions like improved filtering, UNCX Network remains dedicated to delivering a cutting-edge and investor-friendly locker service.

As UNCX Network continues to revolutionize liquidity locking, it is advisable for users to stay tuned for further updates and educational content explaining the intricacies of UniSwap v3 liquidity locking. In the meantime, interested parties are encouraged to explore concentrated liquidity and range concepts in UniSwap v3 to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape.

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