Top Tricks On How To Make Money In Internet Marketing in 2020


The first thing we think of when we see an advertisement saying how to make money online is SCAM and I understand them perfectly.

The digital world has been used as a means of promotion for scammers who want you to invest your money on the web in order to sell you the dream that you will be rich in a week.

Of course, there are ways to make money on the internet but it is not something that money will fall from the sky just by entering Google. There are many PTCs that do pay you just to see ads, but they are very, very low payments.

The following ways to make money on the internet that have resulted in the fact that you can earn thousands and thousands on the web are among the most used but you should also know that you have to dedicate time and effort to have a benefit.

My advice is that if you have a business idea and want to position it on the internet, I don’t know what you are waiting for since the internet is the main means of obtaining information that we use today.

Here I will give you the truth about how you can make money online without investing or giving your money to a scammer on the web.

If you are one of those who does not like to work for someone else or who like working at home, then this topic will fit you perfectly because here I will give you valuable and true information on how to do it.

If you think it will be something easy and fast, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. Earning money on the internet is not difficult but it is not something that is born overnight.

You must make an effort to promote yourself and position yourself to reach a target audience and offer good content so that they talk about you and thus create your own traffic.

Without further ado, here I leave you more information on what to do step by step to be Freelance and undertake in digital marketing.


Affiliate marketing is one of the types of digital marketing based on getting results. You receive commissions when promoting.

Affiliate marketing is widely used today as 80% of companies offer affiliate services and users use it as one of the best ways to earn money online.

If you are that type of person who likes sales but you do not have
products or services to offer, then this is your best option.

What should I do? How to make money online?

Here I show you how you can achieve it simply by promoting products from a website, said affiliates get a commission.

This occurs when the user enters your website and performs the specific action (click on a banner, register or buy).

There are several sites that you can work from home as an affiliate, but for me the best example of this is ( Amazon Affiliates ) Here you become an Amazon affiliate user and then you publish the links of Amazon products on your Blog or Website.

When the user enters your website and sees the advertisement of the Amazon product and enters Amazon through your page, you receive a commission if the user decides to buy the product or some other product through your page.

I can tell you that it is not really necessary to create a first-rate website for this method of making money.

Of course, the better your page looks the more traffic you get, but if you are someone who does not have much knowledge on the subject of creating a web page then you can create a blog and join.

How can I get started with Affiliate Marketing?

1 – Create a blog or website.

2 – Choose a striking theme for users.

3 – Position your site. (Buy a Hosting and domain). Users will find you easier to google.

4 – If you already have your Blog or Page created, Register in Amazon Affiliates and follow the simple steps to start the process.

5 – Attract traffic to your site and then your users will take care of the rest.

It is one of the easiest ways to make money online but it takes a long time to promote yourself and reach your niche.

Now you can create your blog, join a company and promote their products and charge commission for sales because for each sale you would charge a percentage in commission depending on the company.


The most common of all and a way to make money online.

Perhaps you have already heard enough about Google Ads and if not, then do not worry I will give you a brief introduction to the subject.
Google Ads consists of creating a blog or a website and monetizing it with Google Ads.

Google is a company that has very competitive users, so I recommend that if you create a blog or website to monetize it, you should have good content and a well-structured page for SEO positioning.

It consists in that google would use your website to promote other sites just like your site would be promoted on other web pages.

In order that someone who is interested in what you offer when they see the ad goes to your site to see what you offer.

What should I do? How to make money online?

So if you already have a Blog or Web Page, whether it be about information on a topic, teaching classes, travel photography or any type of content, then you should join Google Adsense and monetize your site.

Google Adsense is one of the products of Google’s online advertising network. Basically, it allows publishers to earn income by placing ads on their websites.

whether they are text, graphics or advanced interactive advertising as I had already told you.

How does Google Adsense work?

Simple, you give google a space within your site for google to provide advertising through ads, banners, videos etc … according to what your users are interested in.

1 – Create a blog or website. (You can do it through blogger or wordpress).

2 – Suffering and original content. Eye Google Adsense will verify if your website is well organized and without any plagiarism or any derangement, so you must have a page with good content.

(Buy your hosting and domain).

3 – Sign up for google adsense and link your site and monetize it.

4 – Attract traffic to your site and then your users will take care of the rest.

In this case, Google Adsense pays you for clicks and visits, so I recommend that you have good content.

This way you will attract more users and that they take care of spreading your site.


Dropshipping is a type of sale where the retailer does not store the product but is stored by a wholesaler and when a customer places an order. The wholesaler ships the goods directly to the end customer.

This method is similar to that of Affiliate Marketing as we explained in topic number 1 since it is about selling products for other companies.

Here you create an online store where you offer products or services from a larger company and when the user makes a purchase.
Well, said company is responsible for delivering the merchandise. 

But how to make money on the internet?

The benefit is obtained by applying a higher percentage to the final price and from there you get your income. This is a very common way to make money online.

How can I create my DropShipping store?

1 – You create an online store.

2 – Buy your hosting and domain. As I said before, if you are well positioned in google, the greater it will be for users to find you.

3 – Partner with a wholesale store.

4 – Sell your products in your online store.

5 – Attract traffic to your store through advertising.

Now let me tell you something that perhaps you already knew or perhaps not. If you have ever bought any product online, it is most likely that the page where you bought is Dropshipping.

There are many people who have dedicated themselves today to Ecommerce (Electronic Commerce) or online store so to speak so that they understand better.

Stores like AliExpress, SaleHoo, Doba, Wholesale2B these are the most famous Dropshipping stores in 2020 and it is a good way to make money online.


If you still wonder how to make money online, it is because you are looking for an easier way to get money without wasting a lot of time. In this case you can work for some companies from home.

Today there are many Work At Home companies in which you can apply and work from home although you would still work for someone. Without sounding bad, you would be a slave to a salary as if you were physically attending a company.

But finally, if you think you are capable of applying any of these ways to make money online, just do it. Believe me when I tell you that if you spend time with it you can get a lot of benefits.

If you need more information on a related topic you can keep looking on my blog or you can get more detailed information on other websites. It is only a matter of time and dedication to see fruits.

What are you waiting for to start and earn money online, you know how to do it so let’s go for it.

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