Russia is reportedly recruiting migrant workers from Central Asia for military purposes, according to UK intelligence.

According to the report, Russian recruiters are actively seeking potential recruits in mosques and immigration offices. At these offices, staff who are fluent in Tajik and Uzbek are reportedly making efforts to persuade migrants to join the conflict.

Recruiters are offering sign-up bonuses of $2,390 and salaries that can reach up to $4,160 per month, as well as an accelerated citizenship process that takes just one year instead of the usual five.

However, the report also notes that these recruits are likely to be sent to the Ukrainian contact lines, where the casualty rate is alarmingly high.

The recruitment of migrant workers is believed to be part of the Russian Ministry of Defence’s initiative to enlist 400,000 volunteers for the conflict in Ukraine.

It is highly likely that the Russian authorities are deliberately avoiding any new mandatory mobilization measures in order to avoid widespread dissatisfaction among Russian citizens.

The cancellation of Victory Day events in various regions of Russia may be an indication of the government’s growing sense of threat in response to recent drone attacks, as noted by UK Defence Intelligence.

By avoiding mandatory mobilization, the Russian authorities can maintain a sense of normality and stability for their citizens, while still being able to respond to potential threats through alternative means.

This approach also helps to prevent any negative reactions or protests that may arise from the imposition of mandatory mobilization measures.

Overall, it appears that the Russian government is prioritizing the preservation of domestic stability and avoiding any measures that may provoke public dissatisfaction, while still remaining vigilant to potential security threats.

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