HogwartsLabs Secures $8M in Funding to Drive Innovation and Growth

HogwartsLabs announced today the successful completion of its Pre-A funding round, cumulatively raising $8 million. Hogwarts Labs accelerates mass adoption by developing dApps and Appchain for Web3 & AI.

The funding is led by HashGlobal, MatrixPartner, Xin Family and DHVC. With participation from SevenX, Alliance, SKY9, NGC Ventures, EVG, No Limit Holdings, Stratified Capital, Old Fashion Research, North Beta Capital, Puzzle Ventures and other prominent investors.

Hogwarts Labs’ Flagship-QuestN

Among its pioneering dApp developments, Hogwarts Labs proudly presents QuestN as its flagship and comprehensive tool for Marketing, Growth, and Analysis in Web3.

QuestN offers a fully automated, fast, and free suite of services, enabling projects to attract, acquire, and analyze users. By providing detailed insights into growth, QuestN empowers projects to achieve exponential growth and enhanced advertising precision using AI technology. As the first of its kind from Hogwarts Labs, QuestN exemplifies our unwavering dedication to dApp development and innovation.

QuestN has achieved remarkable growth in a span of only 10 months, with a staggering increase of 2.5 million registered users and a DAU count reaching 80K. QuestN is committed to consistently enhancing the features of its app on both iOS and Android platforms. It is for sure that the QuestN APP will become the first stop for Web2 users to connect to Web3.

“QuestN, Hogwarts Labs’ flagship project, has already garnered a strong top client and partner base within the industry. QuestN is dedicated to fostering growth in projects all the time, we strongly advocate for product-led growth and leverage our expertise to rapidly build successful projects. With our extensive experience and unwavering confidence, Hogwarts Labs is equipped to iterate and launch multiple products with greater efficiency.” Said Chess, CEO of Hogwarts Labs & QuestN.

Through QuestN, we embarked on an exploration of ideas, transforming them into tangible products that have garnered a significant user base. This is the internal progressive assembly line at Hogwarts Labs, and the reason we succeed, because we know how.

Looking forward

The successful $8 million funding round is expected to further accelerate Hogwarts Labs’ product development and global team expansion, we plan to utilize the funds to expand QuestN’s business scope also, certainly.

Hogwarts Labs has plans to release an AI assistant product that will assist with Web3 social interactions and time management. Additionally, it has been announced that Hogwarts will develop an app chain before the year concludes, on which dApps built by Hogwarts Labs as well as third-party dApps will be deployed.

Looking back at what Hogwarts Labs has been through, it is truly awe-inspiring to witness the transformation of QuestN from a single functional tool to a multi-marketing scenario service.

This evolution not only showcases the immense potential and adaptability of Hogwarts Labs but also paves the way for endless opportunities for imagination and discovery in the times ahead.

And this is only the beginning, the fusion of technology, creativity, and boundless ambition has set the stage for extraordinary advancements yet to come.

There’s no Hogwarts without you, my friends.

About Hogwarts Labs

Hogwarts Labs accelerates mass adoption by developing dApps and Appchain for Web3 & AI.

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Disclaimer: Hogwarts Labs, the organization mentioned herein, does not have any beneficial relationship, affiliation, intellectual property, or association with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as depicted in the Harry Potter series.

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