“ETERNAL LIFE” art project by Anastasia Schipanova

When I first stumbled upon the “ETERNAL LIFE” art project, I was taken aback by its audacious aspirations. The very notion of immortality, a concept often reserved for the realms of mythology and science fiction, was being presented as a tangible goal. And not just the extension of life but a complete metamorphosis of our consciousness? The idea was both thrilling and bewildering.

As I began to peel back the layers of this initiative, my initial skepticism was replaced by a growing sense of wonder. The project wasn’t merely proposing a life without end; it was challenging the very paradigms by which we understand existence. It beckoned us to envision a world where the boundaries of life and death are redefined, where our understanding of time, age, and experience undergoes a seismic shift.


The deeper I ventured into the ethos of the “ETERNAL LIFE” art project, the more I realized its profound implications for humanity. This wasn’t just about defying death; it was about elevating the human experience to realms previously unimagined. It proposed a future where our mental and emotional landscapes are as expansive as our extended lifespans, where every moment is imbued with deeper meaning, and where our collective consciousness evolves to embrace the infinite possibilities of existence.


Such a vision, while awe-inspiring, also brought forth a multitude of questions. How would society adapt to individuals who live for centuries? What would be the psychological ramifications of knowing that death, as we know it, might be a thing of the past? And most importantly, how would this transformation of consciousness manifest in our daily lives, relationships, and interactions?

In essence, the “ETERNAL LIFE” project is not just a scientific or philosophical endeavor. It’s a clarion call to humanity, urging us to transcend our perceived limitations and to reimagine the very essence of what it means to live. As I continue to explore this groundbreaking initiative, I am filled with a mix of anticipation and reverence, eager to witness the unfolding of a new chapter in human history.

The Transformation of Consciousness: Is it the Key to Immortality?

Popular young contemporary artist Anastasia Schipanova is the founder of the scientific and psychological art project “Eternal Life”, established in 2019. She is a professional psychologist who travels extensively and brings a fresh perspective to age-old questions. For centuries, philosophers and scientists have pondered the nature of death and the possibility of immortality. However, “ETERNAL LIFE” approaches this age-old question from a fresh perspective. Instead of seeking an “elixir of immortality”, the project emphasizes a transformation of our consciousness and perception of life.


Imagine a world where individuals perceive life in its full splendor, devoid of the looming shadow of mortality. A world where our energy, tastes, habits, and emotions undergo a radical rejuvenation. Here, every day is a gift, not just another step towards an inevitable end.

Technologies of the Future: Paving the Way for Dreams

Today’s technological advancements are already hinting at the potential to make this vision a reality. Artificial limbs controlled by the brain, pills that slow down aging, genetic engineering, and 5D printers are no longer the stuff of science fiction. “ETERNAL LIFE” aims to harness these innovations, channeling them towards a singular, transformative goal.

However, technology is merely a tool. The crux lies in our attitude towards life, our belief in the possibility of change, and our commitment to self-improvement.

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