Clear Comforts Night Guards Sell Ultra-Thin Dental Guards for Day Time Teeth Grinding

Clear Comfort Night Guards is a recognized dental lab in Los Angeles that has been selling quality anti-bruxism custom-made night guards for over 10 years with guaranteed quality.

Woodland Hills, CA, 3rd July 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Clear Custom Night Guards offers a solution to people looking for the thinnest and most comfortable mouthguards to prevent bruxism. Their Ultra-Thin Dental Guards are ideal against daytime teeth grinding, guaranteeing optimal comfort.

With over 10 years of experience, Clear Custom Night Guards is a dental lab trusted by dentists nationwide for offering high-quality custom teeth night guards. There’s a product for everyone: light, moderate, and heavy teeth grinders, daytime or nocturnal teeth grinding, and more.

Bruxism, manifested by teeth grinding or clenching, is one of the most widespread dental conditions that cause wear to the teeth and other oral issues. Dental guards have proven to be the most effective solution for teeth grinding, be it daytime bruxism or nocturnal. Most people new to this appliance prefer the thinnest mouthguards to avoid the discomfort of wearing them as much as possible.

Considering this, Clear Custom Night Guards offers The Ultra-Thin Guard in its wide product range to cater to people concerned about discomfort and adaptation to mouth guards.

Ultra-Thin Guard doesn’t mean less protection. These perfect-fitted custom-made night teeth guards are ideal for daytime teeth grinding and provide optimal protection against tight jaws and gnashing teeth.

While nocturnal or sleep bruxism is involuntary or unconscious, daytime teeth grinding is often linked to stress, excessive caffeine, alcohol consumption, intense workouts, etc. In 80% of cases, these disorders appear at night and are not controllable. When you wake up, you may experience several symptoms: pain in the jaw, cheeks, temples, and ears, chronic fatigue, and headaches. But many people suffer from daytime bruxism, where they habitually grind or clench their teeth while awake.

Bruxism is also a daytime disorder. This daytime bruxism is characterized by involuntary teeth clenching, usually without grinding, in response to certain stimuli during the day and is associated with a bad habit or a tic. And to the extent that the person is awake and conscious, this teeth clenching is easier to control. However, it cannot be fully prevented with behavioral and lifestyle changes only. Using a custom night teeth guard is essential to overcome it completely.

One of the experts at Clear Custom Night Guards said, “Whether it’s daytime or sleep bruxism, using a mouth guard is essential, along with other lifestyle changes, to overcome it completely. People’s biggest concern is the discomfort of wearing a device inside the mouth, especially when they’re awake. Our Ultra-Thin Guard is specially designed considering this concern. This 1mm thick acrylic night guard is barely noticeable and provides optimal comfort. People who are new to mouthguards can also start with this Ultra-Thin Guard to adapt to it and then shift to a Hard Night Guard.

Anti-bruxism night teeth guards have a protective role for dental arches. They must be custom-made according to the patient’s dental impressions. These impressions are used to make a mold from which the dental guard is made.

At Clear Comfort Night Guards, this can be achieved in three easy steps. Once clients order over the phone or via the website, the team delivers a custom dental impression kit directly to their doorstep. Following the instructions on the kit, it takes only 5 minutes for a person to take their teeth impressions, which they’ll return to the dental lab using a prepaid mailer included in the kit. Once the teeth impression is received, the experts will make a custom night guard perfectly fitted to the patient’s teeth and ship it to their address, saving the dentist’s cost.

Bruxism is a problem not to be overlooked. In adults, it can have harmful consequences, such as premature wear of teeth and other health issues. A custom-made mouth guard prevents this issue from worsening, protects the teeth from wear, and relieves pain in the head and neck, keeping the jaw resting.

There is no one-size-fits-all miracle treatment for bruxism – the treatment plan is tailored to each patient’s situation. The goal is to empower patients by providing them with a high-quality custom-made night guard and the right knowledge to manage teeth grinding.

The price of a mouth guard prescribed by a dentist costs hundreds of dollars with a 6 to 8 weeks manufacturing time. Specialist dental labs like Clear Custom Night Guards have made access to night teeth guards easier. Once manufactured and distributed by dentists only, people can order custom dental guards online, avoiding the dentist’s cost and the multiple visits to dental clinics.

About Clear Custom Night Guards

Clear Comfort Night Guards is a dentists-trusted dental lab in Los Angeles, CA, delivering high-quality clear custom night guard, crowns, dentures, bridges, and other dental devices to clients for over a decade.

Clear Custom Night Guards has a solution for all, whether it’s about daytime teeth grinding, nocturnal bruxism, light teeth grinding, or an advanced bruxism case. Their wide product range includes the Ultra-Thin Guard, Soft Night Guards, Hard and Ultra-Hard night guards for light and heavy teeth grinders.

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