AI Detector and ChatGPT Checker proven tool: New Release

London, UK, 3rd May 2023, ZEX PR is one of the leading similarity checkers with AI detection, supporting academic integrity in hundreds of institutions worldwide for over eight years.

But how to avoid cheating with AI that can write more and more human-like texts? Discover our latest groundbreaking tools: the AI Detector and ChatGPT Checker. These proven features allow educational organizations and businesses to stay one step ahead and confidently face the challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence to originality. 

The newly released version of a plagiarism scanner with a percentage has advanced capabilities to detect content written by AI. The effectiveness of this innovative software confirms 97% verified accuracy. How is this possible, and what benefits can it bring to you?

AI Detector and ChatGPT Checker: overall AI feedback in a similarity report

AI Detector and ChatGPT Checker: overall AI feedback in a similarity report

Importance of AI Detection for Individuals and Organizations

AI writing has been a real breakthrough in recent years across many industries. With ChapGPT, you can write a homework assignment, an article, a research paper, or even a book. But how do we evaluate the human contribution, quality and reliability of the results of such work? And how can performers ensure that the level of AI assistance used in their work is acceptable? This incredible opportunity has now turned into a headache for various sectors, including:

  • Educational institutions and EdTech due to the rising incidents of student cheating;
  • Publishers, who struggle to verify academic integrity, copyright infringement and accuracy;
  • Media and Communication, who face the complexity of ensuring authentic and misinformation;
  • SEO Agencies, who suffer from downgraded rankings due to the use of non-unique, AI-generated content;
  • Legal and Government Documents, which are at a greater risk of text legitimacy and security.

The need for an AI content detector has become critically important, because a high-quality tool can solve these problems. One of the best AI content detectors is

Some statistics about the popularity of

???? Active users: 200.000+ users
✅ AI content checks: 25.000+ checks monthly
???? Years on market: 8+ years
???? Price: Starts at $ per user

AI Checker for Teachers

Half of college students (51%) believe that using artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT to complete assignments and exams is cheating or plagiarism, according to a recent survey by BestColleges ( It is incredibly challenging for students to resist the temptation to get homework in just a few clicks. At the same time, one-third of them claim that their colleges prohibit using AI tools. In particular, New York City public schools blocked ( access to the ChatGPT. 

Most frequently, students use AI chatbots to write an essay, cheat on an essay exam, fake AI-generated sources, and improve their grammar and style. Many such cases got into the mass media and forced the educational environment to rapidly improve, responding to the challenges of the times (

Of course, educators rethink and update the essence and concept of homework, but written assignments cannot be dispensed with. Will teachers and professors be forced 24/7 to do nothing more than check for AI fingerprints in students’ work? And is it even possible to manually recognize and prove the use of AI? The user-friendly interface of the account for Teachers and Professors provides advanced possibilities for checking content for signs of AI. The user-friendly interface of the account for Teachers and Professors provides advanced possibilities for checking content for signs of AI.

Fortunately, offers a ready-made solution for accurately and easily identifying AI-generated content, including ChatGPT. AI essay detector can rescue Academic Integrity. Ultimately, AI and ChatGPT for Professors will be helpful revolutionary technologies, not nightmares. With the AI detector, teachers will be confident they are reading human-written texts and won’t waste time grading AI-generated homework.

Plagiarism Checker for AI Generated Text

Preventing AI Generated Text from being published in books, magazines, and online publications is critical to the reputation of the Books Publishing Enterprises. Academic integrity, accuracy and copyright are the highest values for them. Their violation can lead to loss of authority among readers, exclusion of journals from leading scientific databases, lowering rank, and even legal penalties. The solution from will help to ensure confidence in high-quality and unique authors’ content, protect the publisher from plagiarism, and verify authenticity and ownership.

Non-originality with the help of AI is also critically dangerous for SEO agencies. Duplicated and AI-text significantly lower the site’s position in the ranking and can exclude pages from Google altogether. In addition, content created by artificial intelligence is not only poorly valued by search engines, but it is also less attractive to people and lacks the ability to surprise with natural creativity.

Plagiarism Checker for AI Generated text will come to the aid of SEO specialists, writers and marketing content managers – with the help of AI Plagiarism Checker & Chat GPT Content Detector you will be able to quickly identify weak parts of the text and improve it. And most importantly, make sure your SEO strategy is secure.

AI Content Checker for Business

Leading businesses and educational institutes trust Р’s AI Content Checker, which is used across various industries. Our solution is irreplaceable for:

  • Education and Ed Tech
  • SEO Agencies and PR companies
  • Media and Publishers
  • Legal and Government
  • Recruitment and Communication

Bloggers, thought leaders, opinion makers, and content creators can be sure to publish only original content. Meanwhile, publications such as Quora, Reddit, and Medium can be completely protected from copyright infringement.

How to detect AI cheating? It’s one of the most important issues for companies to succeed in the text-based world, and our development team has solved it. experts have created three constantly updated AI detection models: Fingerprint, Enhanced Fingerprint, and Perplexity.

AI Detector and ChatGPT Checker


There is no doubt that in the future, AI technologies and machine learning will continue to develop at lightning speed and learn to write even more perfect texts. Policies for compliance with ethical standards for the use of AI-generated text will be implemented not only at the company level but also in legislative acts of states. While unique content will be increasingly valued, the trends of using chatbots to assist with content writing and design will become commonplace.

Surprisingly, AI will change learning, making it more human. Students will think critically rather than just write and perform tasks like robots. Teachers and professors will no longer be gatekeepers of information but rather facilitators. Schools and institutes will teach future generations to distinguish and produce information that can be trusted.

The importance of the OpenAI text classifier will increase. Companies that can provide an original quality product of “manual mental work” instead of completely artificially generated content will lead the market. It is essential to both overcome challenges and leverage the revolutionary advantages of AI assistance in work.

Meanwhile, will provide a reliable, constantly updated way to detect AI writing text with high accuracy and convenience. AI Detector will be a mandatory component of originality checker and copyright protection software in a one-box tool solution, integrated with LMS, browsers, Exam Proctoring Systems and more.

FAQ from Customers

Can an AI trick a human?

Yes, an AI can trick a human, but it’s more difficult if you use modern AI detector technology. 

What are 4 reasons for cheating?

The main reasons for cheating are pressure to succeed, lack of knowledge or skills, lack of time and motivation, and not understanding responsibility for violation of academic integrity principles.

Why should we stop cheating?

We should stop cheating because cheating doesn’t comply with the requirements to do the job. Instead, cheating produces stealing someone else’s work or making claiming the job is done with no commitment to it.

How to avoid cheating with AI?

To avoid cheating with AI, it’s important to have effective policies and detection tools in place, as well as to educate students on the consequences of academic dishonesty.

How can AI risks be prevented?

AI risks can be prevented by employing policies on how to treat AI, and using accurate AI detectors to catch generated content.

How many students use AI to cheat?

Studies suggest that half of the students use AI or other technologies to cheat.

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