5 Types of Male Climbers You’re Likely to Meet If You Move to Colorado

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast and you’re looking for love, Colorado might just be the perfect place for you. With its stunning mountain ranges, rugged terrain, and endless opportunities for adventure, it’s no surprise that Colorado is home to a thriving community of climbers.

If you’re considering moving to Colorado, you may be curious about what the dating scene is like for climbers in the area. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to five types of male climbers that you’re likely to meet if you move to Colorado.

From the laid-back boulderer to the hardcore alpinist, these climbers come in all shapes and sizes. We’ll take a closer look at each type and explore their unique personalities, quirks, and passions. We’ll also offer some tips for dating climbers and navigating the sometimes-complicated world of climbing relationships.

Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a newcomer to the sport, dating in Colorado’s climbing community can be an exciting and rewarding experience. So, if you’re ready to dive into the dating scene and explore the mountains with a partner by your side, read on to discover the types of male climbers you’re likely to encounter in Colorado.

1. The Coach

Commonly found at the climbing gym, the Coach will be enthusiastically sharing (spraying) his knowledge with () anyone who’ll listen. Every move you make, knot you tie, and fall you take is an opportunity for improvement. He’s happy to share his beta, but he has a +3 wingspan and will never understand why just reaching for it isn’t working for you.

PRO: Occasionally solid advice

CON: Mansplaining

2. The Has-Been

Older than perhaps the other men on this list, the Has-Been probably has a full-time job, 401k, and an apartment with less than five roommates. He will, with bravado, tell the tales of his bucket list sends, accompanied by a full tour of his Mountain Project ticks, and substantial pro-climber name-dropping since he totally used to climb with those guys. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had the time to “commit to training” in the last few years, but he’s pretty sure he can still lead 5.12+.

PRO: Knows a lot of good routes

CON: Doesn’t remember his beta

3. The Dirtbag

Honestly a classic, the Pabst Blue Ribbon of climber boyfriends. This guy has a passion for climbing that has overridden his passion for personal hygiene and comfortable sleeping situations. That won’t stop him from being a frequent visitor to your apartment to make use of the facilities, however. Dating a dirtbag is closer to running a hostel than it is to anything you’ve seen in a rom-com.

PRO: Mobile living situation

CON: Infrequent access to showers

4. The Overconfident Noob

Spot this guy by his perfectly shiny double rack and guidebook. He’s new to the area so we’ll cut him some slack, but he certainly doesn’t think he needs it. The noob is ready to jump into any climb with the reckless abandon of someone who does not have a sense of his own mortality—or yours. Don’t worry, he’s gotten really into hang boarding lately so he’s pretty sure he’s got this.

PRO: Enthusiasm is contagious

CON: Sketchy AF

5. The Expeditions

Whether an alpinist, big wall climber, or jet-setter, this guy is characterized by one thing: leaving for long periods of time. Climbing is all about the views for the expeditions, and he’s really looking forward to his month in the Alps that’s coming up two weeks after your first date. Thankfully, absence makes the heart grow fonder and you don’t have a lot of competition on the side of a cliff.

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